A New Shopping Experience is Coming to Dickson

Dickson Village is being developed on Block 21 Section 30 Dickson in the Dickson Group Centre. The site comprises the car park opposite McDonalds, Woolworths and the Dickson Library in Dickson Place and is bounded by Antill St and Badham St on the north western side, and by Dickson Place on the south eastern side.

Dickson Village will create a vibrant new precinct linking the existing Dickson Group Centre with major parking, retail and residential facilities. The Development includes a full line Coles supermarket and supplementary retail opportunities on the ground floor with 2 levels of public basement parking under accommodating approximately 450 vehicles.

Situated above the ground floor commercial is a single level of secure parking for the residential apartments. Completing the development will be 140 residential apartments over 5 levels facing Antill St and a landscaped podium at Level 2.

We envisage Dickson Village will be developed over a two year period from May 2021 - September 2023.

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The following pages show Parking availability during the development period of Dickson Village.

Short Stay parking spaces surrounding Dickson Village are shown highlighted on the adjacent image.
Long Stay parking spaces surrounding Dickson Village are shown highlighted on the adjacent image.
Disabled parking spaces surrounding Dickson Village are shown highlighted on the adjacent image.
Parking arrangements for construction workers during the development are located in Rosevear Place as shown in the adjacent image.

Additional free “long stay” parking is separately available on the same site. This Car Park is managed by Dickson Village and is only operational during daylight hours.

All you need to know about Dickson Village

Before any Site works can commence, the Lessee must:

  • Construct the construction workers car park,
  • Carry out works around the McDonalds driveway to ensure continued access for McDonalds during construction on the Site.

The Lessee will licence Block 6 Section 72 at Rosevear Place to provide parking for construction workers. This site can accommodate 170 vehicles, which is more than the Lessee requires.

The excess 22 car parking spaces will be offered, as long stay spaces to the businesses, services and organisations on Rosevear Place.

The Lessee intends to commence works on the Construction Workers Carpark at Block 6 Section 72 in May / June 2021. The works are expected to take 4 weeks to complete.

During the development, access to McDonalds from Dickson Place will be altered.

One driveway entry (closest to Woolworths) will be closed and the other driveway (closest to Badham Street) will be widened to accommodate 2-way traffic. On completion of the Site works (scheduled in 2023) the driveway access will be reinstated, with improved pavement.

These works were completed in July 2021.

Offsite works include undergrounding of HV powerlines, installation of new water main and sewer mains.This is expected to be completed by December 2021.

The Lessee anticipates that the site fencing and site establishment works will commence in July 2021. Construction of the development will take 24 months.

Please see Parking Arrangement tab identifying short-stay, long-stay and disabled access parking the Dickson Group Centre.

The Lessee will be communicating the parking and development information before commencement as follows:

  • Postcards - distributed by letterbox drop and made available to Dickson traders for distribution to customers.
  • Letter to Dickson traders with Frequently Asked Questions.
  • Information on the hoarding.
  • Meeting with businesses in the Dickson Group Centre.
  • Engagement with North Canberra Committee Council (NCCC), Downer Community Association and Dickson Residents Group.
  • Information distributed through government agencies and this website.
  • www.dicksonvillage.com.au

Updated Information will be made available on the fencing banners to the site and at www.dicksonvillage.com.au